Minka Project

A collaborative effort to build strong, thriving communities in the Peruvian Andes through cross-cultural participation
About us

Building Strength: Helping Women and Children Never Doubt That They Are Valuable & Powerful


We are a social project driven by volunteers, interns, and field workers. We create meaningful experiences and important change through direct collaboration with Peruvian residents.
We work directly with communities in the Central Andes that face severe poverty, neglect, and discrimination as immigrants or of indigenous heritage. With a special emphasis on elevating women and children, the Minka Project works to strengthen these communities in order to restore dignity and wellbeing. We do this through education, business opportunities, food access, and social and cultural empowerment.

We are inspired by the Andean ideals of mutual support and respect for nature. Our work is in the field, among the people, where all voices matter. Everyone has a role to play, whether inside the community or traveling from afar

Education and Empowerment
What It Means to Be a Minka Volunteer

Actively help the local communities, whether as volunteers, long-term interns staying with us. All are encouraged to visit in person to participate in immersive activities, allowing you to connect directly with the local people and indigenous culture. We organize authentic experiences through trips, non-commercial excursions, and cultural exchanges.


We organize inclusive events for Women & Girls

Magda Gallob


I had a great time working with the programm. You get to really know the peruvian live when you are there since Huancayo is not touristic which is really nice. The work with the kids was amazing. They are really nice and are also very patient with you if you don’t understand.

Peter wotowiek


Volunteering with the Project is an intense cross cultural learning experience. The needs are varied and large among the families in the program, yet smiles and genuine personal relations are the norm. The coordinator and the other “tichers” are highly respected and warmly received.

carmen Diego


I was a volunteer with the Minka project, until you do it you don’t know how good this experience is. You are going to live for a while in a place very different from yours you notice many sensations that make you think you help people who need it but you receive very human lessons

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