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Come and stay with us!

This is a real and intense cultural exchange experience, starting with the housing and accommodation situation, you will experience an immersion in the various ways of life of an Andean family in the Peruvian Andes, you will have the opportunity to share many activities and courses from native food and international, desserts and pastries, prepare a cocktail with exotic native ingredients and much more or simply participate in celebrations or parties that we organize to achieve objectives.


We only require a contribution of three US dollars for each day of accommodation, this will help us pay for basic services or internet and offer you the necessary means of life so that you can have a good, safe, comfortable and comfortable accommodation experience.

our accommodation

We are also multicultural people who are open to living and experiencing new cultures and ways of living life, we are all actors in this experience, a fairly united team in mutual support.

You can consider this space as a small dimension away from the formalism, routine and modern conventionalism of big cities and society, an escape where you will experience freedom, in an environment of comfort, security and freedom. interculturality.

Accommodation for all participants:

  • To accommodate volunteers, interns and coordinators, our organization has prepared a welcoming atmosphere in the organization’s house. Our intention is to offer a warm, comfortable and safe environment without the inconvenience of overcrowding.
  • It is a place where you can have the opportunity to live and share with other volunteers and the Coordinators.
  • We form a group within a space in which we share, in a dynamic and fun way, everything that our cultural diversity can offer (from preparing new culinary dishes, playing games, watching movies, holding an event, party or celebrations.
  • You will have a single bed in a clean and cozy room, shared with other volunteers (maximum two single beds). However, you can also have a single room, depending on the availability of environments, we respect your personal space.
  • The accommodation is close to the projects and although it does not have many luxuries, it has basic services such as: water, electricity, bathroom with hot shower, equipped basic kitchen, dishes, utensils, gas cylinder and Wi-Fi.
  • There we have set up a small duly equipped office to facilitate meetings and coordinate our work in a more comfortable way.

Financial contribution or donation for accommodation:

We only ask for a financial contribution or donation of 3 US dollars for each day of accommodation with us, this will help us pay for some necessary expenses such as water, electricity or internet.