Details of the Cost :

We only ask for a single contribution of 190 US dollars for the entire period of participation for volunteering or internship, this will help in obtaining basic materials, services and enable personalized advice every day a week for the entire time of your stay.

This donation or financial contribution will become effective upon your arrival at the project, we do not charge in advance or online.


What does this financial contribution include?

  • Continuous support and advice by a member of the organization with experience and management of all aspects of volunteering. In the case of an internship, you will obtain personalized advice from a person with university training in the area you choose.
  • Guided at no cost to many places of interest throughout the Andean zone of Peru, as well as the central jungle, in addition to the main tourist and enigmatic places in Peru.
  • Excursions and expeditions every weekend to places near and far from our work area, we can organize this upon request.
  • Option for accommodation in a private room in the organization’s house for only 3 dollars a day.
  • basic work materials for projects
  • Certification of your volunteer work or internship delivered by a Peruvian legal non-profit organization.
  • Activities or courses in typical or international foods, desserts and pastries, preparation of cocktails with exotic and native local ingredients.
  • Learn or improve your level of Spanish in theoretical and practical courses
  • Possibility of teaching Spanish courses or campaigns to collect materials or funds, these are paid.
  • intense experience of immersion and cultural exchange, from participating or admiring the great artistic, musical or folklore expression of the Andes and Amazon, visiting villages and artisan markets to preparing and holding celebration parties for the achievement of the objectives of our social work