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Our organization involves various volunteer projects and direct social work without intermediaries

You can develop your human and professional skills in one or several social aid projects and activities, where you will have the opportunity to be sure that your contribution will go directly to support many children, women and Andean populations in a real, direct and above all, way. far from the traditional forms of voluntourism and artificial social-tourism where only a few benefit, here you are an active element of social change, no tourist packages, languages or paid experiences, you are in a real experience of volunteering, social work and culture exchange.

This means that we organize small groups of volunteers who participate directly in the communities, villages and towns, where we experience and live the real socio-economic situations of these people, and in coordination with them, we develop practical actions and projects that directly benefit them.
In addition to knowing and living their various cultural and social manifestations as they live them in their day to day, a situation far removed from the manipulated social expressions that mass volunturism presents.

It is an opportunity in which you will be able to meet and develop an empirical and completely experiential knowledge about the many economic, cultural and social manifestations of the Andean and Amazonian peoples, on gender issues, human rights, immigrant problems, female empowerment. , the social and political processes of the area, the Andean peoples and their struggle to maintain their culture, the manifestations of their worldview and spirituality, among others.
with the continuous support of people not only with professional training and extensive practical experience in social, economic and cultural areas, but also with a true passion for society and for social change.

This is also a unique opportunity to make a real and intense immersion, at the same time comforting, in a local non-profit organization, where you will be able to experience in a practical way the different forms of organization, development of social projects and start-ups of a job. social by the hand of our coordinators and in continuous contact with our population. You will also be sure that you will have continuous and sincere support from the local coordinators, where you can learn many other cultural, social and language aspects, as well as experience many trips, excursions and the various forms of cultural exchange that you are looking for.

In parallel with your participation, you can occupy one or more roles, including that of fundraiser for the organization. It is a role in which you can develop your skills in which you can have a fairly considerable financial stipend, in addition to teaching courses and activities with the organization. organization, these roles are paid in percentages of between 30-50% of the total collected

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