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The women project

Empowering women never doubt that they are Valuable & Powerful

Our women project “Warmy”, whose translation from Quechua into English means Woman is aimed at forming the groups of psychological self-help in areas such as gender, family violence, self esteem, group organization, aimed at women.

This project is located in marginal areas of the cities and towns of the Mantaro Valley, province of Junin, in the central Andes of Peru.

the majority of these people come from families who migrated from other provinces in extreme poverty and political violence (Junin, Huancavelica, Ayacucho or Central Selva), with the aim of improving their economic situation and providing their children with better education opportunities.

Of the work area:



It is an area where there is no basic water, sewage or sanitation services, lacking the presence and support of local governments or other organizations, there are several problems such as sexism, alcoholism, domestic violence, lack of job opportunities, abandonment, child abuse, socio-cultural exclusion, absence of health means, malnutrition among others.


Our main purpose is to provide psycho-emotional, organization, and economic-social support to these women, who in practice are the ones who run the family, in addition to providing this same support to the children whose families suffer from these problems.
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important considerations :


  • the minimum age of participation is 20 years
    Adaptable, positive and open-minded person.
  • Intermediate level of English or basic Spanish
  • Minimum commitment: 8 weeks (adaptable)
  • although it is not necessary to have training or specialization, this place is ideal for students, professionals or graduates from psychology, political science, pedagogy, anthropology, human resources, sociology, group therapy, social work, social educator, health, and related areas
  • to have the quality to work and be integrated into a fairly united multicultural team.
  • Activists in human rights, political science, law, assistance and prevention in gender problems, Women and children.(optional)
  • it is important to have skill and patience in dealing with little girls (5-9 years old) as well as women of all ages.
  • Given the nature of the current projects, it would be appreciated to have skills in Mindfulness, yoga, fitness and / or meditation, in addition to holistic health.

Rols and responsibilities:

  • Type of job:
    Direct psychological and social intervention in populations with women and children.
    Voluntary work place:
    neighborhoods around the Valley of the Mantaro in the central Andes.
  • Roles or responsibilities:
    Volunteers should participate directly in the planning, organization and implementation of the various activities, through talks, workshops and the delivery of material to the participants, socio-economic studies, surveys, home visits, coordination, informational reports in the field, home home. We are open to suggestions and implement new projects.
  • can also contribute in the same way in the project with children thus helping, in the mental health and formation of the self esteem of the small ones exposed to problematic situations of dysfunctional families.
    Develop prevention and social assistance programs.
    Places: 2-9 volunteers per month

About the social problem:

A very real and controversial aspect is the current economic, social and cultural problems that affect millions of people mainly in the Andes of Peru, this has its beginnings in the overturning of social, political and economic structures after the destruction of the old Inca empire, the survivors to that ecatombe were segregated from any notion of progress, surviving in the mountains in small peasant communities.

The modern Peruvian state, never had a serious attempt of “inclusion” of the huge masses of people mired in the lack of education, away from such basic notions as access to health, basic education and necessary means of housing and food, with the republic, this problem is not significantly improved and we can assert that the current Peru consists of a formal republic based on the Lima Capital and the large coastal cities (Trujillo, Piura, Ica and others) and the dominant coastal Creole culture, and the other true Andean nation, native, mestizo and provincial.

In the decade of the 80s and 90s Peru suffered a devastating internal war involving the state and subversive groups, this war was mainly in the Andes and the jungle of this country, ending with millions of internally displaced, tens of thousands of dead, as well as many affected in different ways (see figures from Peru’s “truth commission”)
Many women were victims of abuse by opponents, who even today still carry many emotional and psychological consequences of the terrible experiences that have affected them.

Another important aspect is the stigmatization and racial and cultural exclusion, at present, although it is true, Peru is known for the impressive Inca ruins, the real thing is that we are in a quite exclusionist and racist society with the majority Andean element product of the predominance of coastal-Spanish culture; It is sad that people feel sorry and embarrassed to speak the Quechua language or native languages, dress in the native way or be proud of their past, the “Indian or Cholo” in the current Peru is a reason for social contempt.

other aspects:

Our work focuses on emotional, psychological, educational and organizational help (we focus on improving self-esteem) to improve or overcome, at least in part, these traumas that affect these people, most elderly women, mothers , and that affect indirectly in the training and self-esteem of your children.

This is not a dramatization,this situation is based on real data, and that can be verified empirically, our organization has worked slowly and hard to gain mutual trust and respect. of these women and people, they trust us to give them a helping hand, human and solidary to overcome their reality, and in this way to be able to promote a new life and that of their children.